Wedding Dance Lessons


 Wedding Dance Lessons

Your first dance as a married couple is one of the most memorable moments of your big day–and we can make sure it is one of the best!   All eyes are guaranteed to be on you, and we want to ensure you are prepared.
Live 2 Dance will provide you with the skills that you can take to the dance floor with confidence.  Your first dance together is not only an emotional moment for everyone at the wedding, but it can be a fantastic video and photographic opportunity.  Knowing how to dance well together is going to give you many visual memories that you will cherish on your wedding day, at your first child’s wedding, and on your 50th wedding anniversary.  After all, it is only your FIRST dance together as man and wife.
As the bride and groom, you will not only be dancing with each other at your reception, but with many others as well.  We can give you the basics for the four or five of the most popular dances so you can dance to any music that may be played and with just about any one.  Our Friday night socials provide real-life practice so that you can dance with confidence at your reception.  We also have a terrific guest promotion where you can earn additional private lessons for qualified guests.  
The last thing you want to stress about on your big day is how you’re going to pull off that first dance. With the guidance from our instructors, we have no doubt you will be satisfied so that you can delight in every moment!

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”
Martha Graham

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