*A note about Scheduling Lessons

1. Scheduling Lessons: We recommend that you schedule one lesson at a time, keeping your first handful of lessons close together, until you know and understand your basics. As you progress in your dancing, the scheduling of your lessons can become more flexible.

2. Cancellation Policy: When you schedule a lesson, you are reserving a substantial block of time in your instructor’s day. We request that you give 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment to avoid being charged.

3. Further Learning: Upon the completion of your first block of lessons, (once you know and understand your basics) you will have an opportunity to pick and choose the dances on which you would like to focus on most. You and your instructor will discuss your goals in dancing, and what benefits you hope to gain from it. Then your instructor will put together a small lesson plan in order for you to accomplish the goals you set. This is called the Social Ease Lesson Guide, and it is designed to allow you to comfortably blend in on any Social Dance floor, by teaching you a handful of patterns in the dances you choose.

What is Live2Dance all about?
First and foremost, we are a family or community of people from all walks of life, drawn together by one common goal…..To learn how to DANCE and have a GREAT time doing it!
Who takes lessons at Live2Dance?

Many of our students have never had a lesson before walking through our doors. Our students range in age from mid-twenties to late eighties. We consider ourselves a “Full Service” Dance studio and offer many different options for students interested in performing, competing, travel options, etc… However, the majority of our students are interested purely in Social Dancing. You could say that we have something for everyone!

How much do lessons cost?
You can get started dancing for as little as $35. As with any hobby or sport, there are many different levels of participation. Dancing can be relatively inexpensive. Of course, any amount you choose to spend automatically becomes an investment, due to the fact that you will retain what you learn here for many, many years!
Do I have to sign a contract?
No. We do not use contracts. Only agreements that spell out your purchases for both our protection and yours to avoid any misunderstandings. It is our policy to never charge a student for lessons they are not satisfied with. And unused lessons can be refunded depending on the circumstances.
Do I have to have a partner?

Absolutely not! Your instructor will serve as your partner on your private lessons and we always have many partners of all levels available at our activities. We consider it one of our greatest amenities!

How and when are lessons scheduled?

Our Instructors work hard to be flexible to our students’ needs. You and your Instructor will set up a time that works best for you. You may schedule lessons Monday through Friday from 9:00am -10:00pm. And on Saturdays from 10:00am-2:00pm. We are closed on Sundays.

Where can I go to practice what I have learned?

The great thing about Live2Dance is that we PROVIDE our students with events and activities so they can practice in a controlled social setting. We have Practice Parties with a LIVE Dance Band every Friday Night, Saturday dance parties, and Lounge outings where we take our students “Out on the Town” to show them where they can use their dancing. We also have activities for Couples Only, and a special night designated specifically for GUESTS of our students.