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Step Up Your Wintertime Cruise with Dance Lessons!

dance lessons Step Up Your Wintertime Cruise with Dance Lessons! 2Q

During the long, dreary winter months, the days seem to drag on endlessly. You may be exploring ways to break up the monotony by adding a little color to your life. What could be better than floating on tropical waters and basking in the hot sun? If you are planning to go on a cruise this winter, there is plenty you must do to prepare. You’ll have to look for package deals, buy the tickets, do a little shopping to enhance the wardrobe. One thing you should consider adding to the list is taking dance lessons before you go!

That’s right. When you are listening to the upbeat music while drinking your choice beverage, you’ll want to partake in the moves happening on the dance floor. If it’s been a little while since you have brushed up on your skills, there could be no better time.

At Live2Dance Nashville, we offer slower styles such as ballroom dance and faster paced options as well. No matter what you are looking for, we can teach you! So, why enroll for dance classes?

Nighttime Entertainment

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The Live2Dance Experience

After a delightfully long day of pampering and relaxation, you are going to want a fun activity to spruce up your night. That may be the part you mostly anticipate when opting for a cruise. You can get all dolled up, looking your best. Then, head to the clubbing area.

You can loosen up a bit for a night of fun. After all, who can sit still with the music pulsing through your body? You don’t want to be caught off guard with dated dance moves. Dance lessons will equip you with the fancy moves to join the fun!

You’ll look like a natural out there with the rest.

Socializing with Other Attendees

Dancing really brings people together. It amps up your adrenaline and boosts your dopamine, which you’ll want to share with others. No matter if you are rocking it on a singles cruise or your significant other and yourself have a romantic getaway, you’ll want to socialize!

What a better way to share group fun on the cruise than to bust some moves on the dance floor? There is no better way to socialize. Not only will you bask in a ton of excitement, but you also won’t feel like the odd man out in the nightclub.

Who knows, you may even take away a few lasting friendships when all is said and done.

Burn Winter Calories

With three consecutive holidays in late fall in early winter, packing on the pounds isn’t hard to do. It seems every time you turn around, there is a sweet treat calling your name. From all the candy bars, stacks of homemade pies, warm, moist cookies, and holiday bread—it is hard to resist.

But now that you are going on a cruise, you aren’t going to want those pounds to follow. Enrolling in dance lessons is a pleasurable and stimulating way to shed that winter weight without feeling like the workout is a chore.

You can fit into those clothes you didn’t think you’d get to until summer. Not only will you feel rejuvenated and accomplished, but you’ll also be looking sleek and sexy for the cruise.

Boost Your Self-Confidence

While a cruise sounds fun in theory, when you finally get there, it may feel intimidating. You’ll be in a pool of others who club regularly. It may have you feeling a little insecure. If you take dance classes, it can boost your natural confidence so you can take on the whole crew.

Nothing is quite as attractive as self-assurance. And you shouldn’t embark on the journey without that. You can assuredly board the ship knowing your dance classes are about to pay off for you. It will be something you have worked hard to achieve, which should make you proud.

Indulge in Exotic Romantic

If you are heading out for a couple’s cruise, what could be more romantic than lessons in ballroom dance? This elegantly styled dance will have you kindling romantic sparks with your partner.

How rewarding will it feel to know you two learned this ballroom dance together and can now set out to show off what you accomplished as a team? It will bring you closer and make your love for one another flourish.

If you are going on a singles cruise, it’s a surefire way to have all the other singles keeping eyes on you. You can enjoy being the center of attention—and maybe even enjoy some free drinks along the way.

It Will Last Longer Than Just One Cruise

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While it is an ideal additive for your winter cruise this year, it won’t end when you come back to the harbor. When you take dance classes or ballroom dance, these are valuable learning experiences that you will have for years to come.

After you have learned the techniques taught, you can show off your moves at future wedding receptions, clubbing outings, and other events. That will help the value extend, making it more than worth your while.

After all, it will be more than just a couple of classes. It will be a learned talent that you worked hard to perfect.

Health Benefits of Dancing

While dancing is primal to humans, there is more science behind it than you may think. It is excellent for your health, and not just for the exercise factor.

Dancing can help create:

  • Improved muscle tone and overall fitness
  • Improved psychological wellbeing
  • Improved flexibility, balance, and coordination
  • Reduced risk of health problems

What do you have to lose? Dance lessons can only help your overall mental and physical healthiness.

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Don’t overthink it. If you are about to enjoy a tropical adventure, let us help you prepare. At Live2Dance Ballroom, our trained professionals can give you the guidance you will need to shine apart from the rest.

Dancing is pleasurable, healthy, and mood-heightening. No matter if you want ballroom classes or contemporary dance lessons, we have you covered.

Don’t be left standing in the spotlight with only your robot dance to show off. Learn real choreography with us at Live2Dance Nashville today!

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