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New Year’s Resolutions: Get Healthier with Dance Lessons!

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New year, new you! With each new year comes New Year’s Resolutions. And if you are some of the select few who have kept your resolutions thus far, congratulations! If not, have no fear! One of the best resolutions you can make anytime is for better overall health. Live2Dance Nashville is the perfect way to do just that! Through private or group dance lessons, you will be feeling the internal and external health benefits from dancing that are like no other.

So if overall health is your resolution, why choose dance classes? There are so many amazing health benefits from moving to the rhythm. Most people realize the cardiovascular health impacts, but there are many more to emotional and mental health as well. And the list of styles of dance is endless, so find one that is the same speed and flair as you! Many have never tried ballroom dance and find it to be the perfect fit! And it doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not. Check out all the health benefits of signing up for dance lessons and see if you might be able to find at least one reason to dust off those old dancing shoes!

The Top Ten Benefits of Dancing

  • lowered risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • improved function for Parkinson’s patients
  • diminished depression
  • heightened coordination
  • reduced anxiety
  • increased flexibility
  • improved memory
  • higher levels of serotonin produced
  • enhanced mood
  • socialization improved

Lowered Risk of Dementia and Alhzeimer’s

First off, lowered risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is one of the top health benefits from participating in dance classes. Some of the simplest movements can be choreographed and easy to learn in dance lessons and provide a hub for keeping the mind healthy. A study in New England Journal of Medicine investigated over ten different forms of exercise. From these activities, they found dancing to be the only one responsible for lowering the participant’s risk for developing dementia. Perhaps it’s because of the multitasking the brain is performing while it engages the body into the movements of dancing. Within the ability to dance, a person is both undergoing mental effort and social interaction which work together to produce the type of stimulation necessary for warding off dementia. In addition to ballroom dancing, another Latin-infused style also positively impacts decision-making and cognitive skills.

Improved Function for Parkinson’s Patients

Similarly, the link to helping Parkinson’s disease patients is encouraging. Within the center of this specific disease, individuals experience common symptoms like slowed movement, stiffness, tremors and impaired coordination and balance. These are a result of lost dopamine-producing cells in the brain. Since dopamine is the necessary part of the coordination system in the brain, this loss of cells has a major impact. The rhythmic movements exhibited throughout various dancing styles like ballroom dance empower the Parkinson’s patient to improve his/her upper extremity movements. In fact, the instruction provided in dance classes incorporates rhythmic movements labeled as a type of RAS or Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation which is the chain of a set of rhythms given to a patient. During this activity, patients are told to move to the rhythm and this is where they are engaging their upper extremities in ways they generally are not capable of doing under regular circumstances. Specifically the foxtrot has shown to provide the mental coordination to stimulate the brain’s reward centers that trigger the symptoms in Parkinson’s patients and thus is a great remedy for those suffering.

Higher Levels of Serotonin and Reduced Mood Disorders

dance lessons New Year’s Resolutions: Get Healthier with Dance Lessons! Older Couple dancing 234 300x200And dancing simply makes you feel good! There is no wonder why this is true since the activity itself boosts the “feel good” hormone known as serotonin. What exactly is serotonin you might ask. Serotonin is a chemical produced by nerve cells that relays information between these cells. Once released, every part of the body from physical to mental reaps the rewards of this feeling; however, a lack of serotonin has the opposite effect. Studies show individuals with a reduced amount of serotonin are at a higher risk for depression and anxiety mood disorders. In addition to the mental effects, serotonin can also assist in the maintenance of bone health, nausea, and wound healing. And the benefits of serotonin don’t stop there! The increase in the feel good hormone assists in the new creations of neural connections. Probably most importantly, these connections are in the regions where executive function and long-term memory are housed. Anything that works in forming new abilities in long-term memory function is amazing news for those suffering from elderly diseases where this is one of the most common side effects and/or symptoms.

Improved Socialization

dance lessons New Year’s Resolutions: Get Healthier with Dance Lessons! DSC 1658 300x200While we are all feeling good from the high levels of serotonin being released while participating in our ballroom dance lesson, let’s not forget the impact of social interaction. Nowadays so many complain of social anxiety. What better remedy than to meet some new people during a dance lesson or at a dance party? On every Friday night, Tennessee’s hottest place to be is the Live2Dance Nashville Friday Night Social Party! These events are perfect for those wishing to meet someone new or rekindle that old flame. Both private and group lessons are available to meet your needs. Live2Dance also offers a Friday Night Practice Party that really knows how to bring down the house with featured live bands, instructors and a plethora of student camaraderie. These Friday Night events give the perfect excuse for leaving the house and the comfort of your couch!

When choosing to be healthy, don’t forget there is much more than just the physical health to consider. Dancing engages the core of all types of health when enjoyed in a group setting. Learning a new style from waltz to foxtrot will ultimately provide the mental and physical exercise needed to reach your healthy resolution goals. One of the hardest parts of sticking to those resolutions is making them a part of your lifestyle. Dancing is the perfect way to go since it has so many styles and utilizes so many forms of music. Surely you will benefit from the increased energy levels as The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition has found when a weekly dance program is practiced.

Heightened Coordination, Balance and Flexibility

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Often another concern among aging adults is the fear of falling. We’ve all seen the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercials over the years and definitely do not want to join those ranks. Well this is simply another reason why dancing is the way to go. In the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity the ballroom dance style of the tango has been found to improve balance. The nature of this dance features fast movements while maintaining good posture and this combination results in the ability to gain better control of the body in aging adults.

Overall, dance has been proven to be one of the best aerobic exercises for both young and old alike. From the ability to reverse the loss of the brain’s center for controlling memory to the release of serotonin, group dance classes and private dance lessons offer a great option for beginners and professionals in terms of healthy activities that engage both the mind and body. If you are looking for some of the health benefits that have been researched and proven or simply seeking a fun place to hang out and make some new friends, the time is right to hit the dance scene at Live2Dance Nashville. Once you do, your Friday nights will never be the same!

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