How To Pick The Best Song for Your First Dance

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Pick a song that means something to you and your partner!

Seems pretty obvious but …. What does it truly mean?

Your first dance song is all about creating a lasting memory. Whether it’s a song you listened to on your first date or a band you both love listening to, your first dance song can tell a story about your past or your future if you want it to. If it means something to the both of you, that is what’s most important.

You may feel pressured to choose a certain genre, or song, depending on the opinions of others. Some people want their first dance song to match the “theme” of their wedding. The best advice is to not let other people’s opinions influence your decision!

Being original in your song choice will allow your guests to catch a glimpse of your personality in those few short minutes. It will also save guests from the monotony of the typical first dance song (i.e.: “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, we still love him though).

Some couples want to take individual lessons and have a full choreography to a fun upbeat song, others want lessons on more of a classical dance style that showcases elegance. It is also possible that song falls into the middle, being both slow and fast, you can consider a fusion dance as well. Our dance instructors are here to make you happy!

Bonus Tip: Consider incorporating your wedding party! Some couples enjoy having their bridesmaids and groomsmen join them in dancing to take the pressure off.

Here are a few more helpful tips in picking your first dance song:

  1. Take the fact that you are using a DJ or a Live Band into consideration
  2. Don’t rush the decision, you have plenty of time before the big day!
  3. Don’t attempt and lifts or flips that have not been practiced previously
  4. Make sure the song is not too long
  5. Listen to your music on shuffle
  6. Showcase your personalities
  7. Consider your story


Here at Live2Dance in Nashville, we want you to have fun and don’t be afraid to be unconventional! You only get to do this once so make sure you will cherish the memory forever.

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