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Dancing Improves Brain Function and Health

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In today’s fitness conscious world where everybody is concerned about their overall health and fitness, dancing has surely proven to be one of the most significant forms of exercise for individuals of all ages.  Here at Live2Dance in Nashville we believe that dancing not only improves muscle strength but it enhances balance and endurance, and contributes to brain function and health, all of which contribute to a longer life span.  Dance is a performing art wherein your body moves in a beautiful rhythmic way expressing your feelings.  It has proven to have a good many health benefits including that of boosting brain function and power.

Dancing, though quite enjoyable and fun, is also a specialized fitness form that contributes to the health of your mind since it involves mental, emotional, social and physical skills.  When each of these core groups work together while dancing, your overall health and brain function benefit.  Dancing involves a variety of activities being performed at the same time which serves to increase cognitive function and, over time, slows down the whole aging process.  With all that said, we can conclude that dancing, in its most beautiful form, whether jazz, hula, hip hop or ballroom dance, is a tremendous workout for both your mind and body, regardless of your age.


Studies have proven that dancing benefits the mind and is good for your overall mental health.  It is a treatment therapy used for depression. The focus dancing puts on body movements and emotional expressions can actually help to alleviate depression symptoms and reduce levels of depression.   In addition, dancing supports not only motor and emotional functions but intellectual brain functions as well.

Dance Movement Therapy (DMT)

DMT is a psychotherapeutic use of your body movements to improve and maintain intellectual as well as motor and emotional abilities of your body.  Based primarily on the fact that movement is a form of language that can serve to be quite expressive, it can also be an assessment tool for the treatment of mental health problems.  DMT has been proven to have a highly positive impact on the cognitive development of children since it can use intelligence, spirituality, and discovery all the while creating an expressive form of art.


Dancing can improve brain function and boost your overall memory.  Studies have shown that dancing can also minimize the risk of dementia and can improve spatial memory which is one of the human cognitive domains.  In addition, studies have further suggested that engaging in an active lifestyle in your older years including dance, can help to preserve motor, perceptual and cognitive abilities in individuals of all ages.

Dancing has a number of benefits including a variety of positive effects on the brain.  Its primary component that helps in slowing down the aging process is that of its ability to stimulate nerve growth factors which are key to maintaining sensory neuron health.  With that said, dancing can actually be used as a form of intervention for a variety of neurological diseases such as stroke, and cerebral palsy.  As a result of these findings, dancing has now been ranked as one of the best all round exercises for preserving cognitive function in older adults and slowing the overall signs of aging.  The reason why is the number of mental challenges that are involved with dancing.  Those challenges include:

  • The ability to remember the various dance steps
  • Interacting and holding your dance partner appropriately
  • Recognizing the beat and rhythm
  • Executing necessary dance turns
  • Being able to feel the rhythm and move in step with another individual
  • Synchronizing your body movements to the music


Further studies have reported that memory, attention and focus are all improved in senior dancers who engage in ballroom dance.  In addition, adults suffering with Parkinson’s Disease including stiffness, impaired balance and tremors experienced relief from some of these motor symptoms as well as improved gait.  Because of all the thinking involved in this type of dancing, in some cases, cognitive impairment in older adults may be mitigated.

Studies have concluded that older adults who choose to take dance lessons or to participate in dance classes, tend to enjoy happier, healthier lives.  Dancing directly involves other persons thereby reducing feelings of depression or isolation.  In addition, dancing improves physical, mental and emotional health.  Since dancing tends to strengthen muscles, participants tend to stand straighter and have improved posture and balance.  Finally, dancing helps to connect individuals with happy past memories and can provide emotional mood boosts and increases in serotonin levels.


With all the ongoing research today, the positive benefits dance offers to improved health and aging continue to grow.  Whether you like to hula, foxtrot, tango or ballroom dance, all of it helps to improve your overall brainpower while keeping you physically and mentally healthy.

At Live2Dance we firmly believe that dancing is a better workout than your typical gym and our staff strives to make a difference in the lives of all our clients.  Our team of dedicated dance instructors are committed to making a difference in the lives of our valued clients by teaching you healthy dance moves that will not only improve your physical health but enhance your mental health as well.

From dance classes and individual or group dance lessons, to ballroom dancing we offer it all.  We firmly believe that our state of the art dance techniques contribute to a healthier mind, a healthier body and a healthier you.  If you are looking for a healthy and fun way to keep fit, then surely you have come to the right place.  Here at Live2Dance in Nashville we take tremendous pride in our top-rated dance lessons and in our overall reputation.  Our team of professional instructors are steadfast in making a difference in the lives of all our clients and look forward to our every opportunity to help you improve your health while adding to the happiness in your heart and soul.  Come on down and sign up for one of our exciting dance classes today!

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